How to Get Raving Testimonials From Your Clients

Social proof in the form of testimonials is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build credibility with your potential customers. But getting your clients to take the time to write out a testimonial can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. It’s so frustrating to ask a client for a testimonial and hear nothing […]

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Sign a New Client THIS WEEK with These Tips

There are a lot of strategies out there that will help you to build up a loyal audience of ideal clients who are ready to buy from you on a regular basis. But most of those strategies take time to set up, and even MORE time to start bringing in results. You don’t always have […]

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Avoid wasting time on unqualified leads with these tips.

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you get on a sales call with a potential client only to realize that it’s not going to go anywhere? Whether the person you’re talking to doesn’t value or understand the work you do, aren’t at a stage where they’re ready to work with you, or are […]

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How I Find Work/Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

If you’re anything like me, you started your business because you wanted more freedom and you didn’t want to be stuck in a job that controls your life. But for most entrepreneurs what happens is the exact opposite. We build businesses that are so near and dear to us, that it’s easy to get sucked […]

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3 Easy Steps to Bounce Back from a Content Hiatus

Gone silent with your content as of late? Not sure how to regain momentum and gracefully get back on the content wagon? This post is for you! I wholeheartedly believe that consistently putting out strategic, valuable content is the #1 best way to build an audience of ideal clients who are ready to work with […]

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How to Use Content Marketing to Get More Referrals

Wondering how to get more referrals? In this blog post Elli Runkles, content marketing strategist, explains how to get more referrals with content marketing

Attention service-based business owners! As you probably know, referrals from your previous clients and business contacts are an incredibly effective way to get new clients and grow your business. And there are MANY ways that you can build up your referral network and increase the number of referrals being sent your way. One thing you […]

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