Master your message, connect with your ideal clients, and sell with ease + empathy

Let’s do this!

You sit down to write…

A blog post, social media posts, anything giving away free value to your audience, and you’ve got plenty of ideas.

But a sales page… or sales email… anything where you have to talk about your services and suggest that someone pay you for them… and you freeze. 

You hate the idea of being pushy and asking people for money…

 Even though you know you have a valuable service that would really help your ideal clients.

You wish your ideal clients could magically know about you and understand how much your services would benefit them. But you can’t figure out how to communicate it in a way that clicks and leads to a sale.

I’m here to help you break past your fear of being salesy so you can send the right message and confidently sell your valuable services to your ideal clients.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me you are anything but “salesy”.

And believe me, I know a thing or two about what salesy actually looks like.

I first learned about online entrepreneurship as an employee. Working for a “bro-preneur”. Sending cold sales emails. Selling what I realized later was an outrageously-priced, smoke-and-mirrors service. I knew nothing about online business and had never heard the term “salesy” before, but I’d never felt more salesy in my life.

As soon as I realized what I’d gotten myself into, I ran in the opposite direction and found this oasis of heart-centered entrepreneurship. I loved seeing women run businesses out of a genuine desire to serve, but at the same time, it broke my heart.

I kept seeing women like you who genuinely care about helping and serving their clients, but are missing out on so much income and impact out of fear of being salesy.  All the while, ‘bro-preneur” is still out there taking advantage and badgering people for money without a worry in the world about whether or not he’s being salesy. And that just won’t do.

Your ideal clients need what you have to offer, and they’re waiting for you to show up for them.

I learned the hard way that there are MANY ways to sell in your online business. A lot of them feel safe but don’t lead to tangible results, and even more are effective but make you feel like a sleazy car salesman.

There’s an alternative between these two extremes that feels good AND leads to real results in your business.

It’s called Selling with Empathy. Not only does this method feel good, it works! 

Selling with Empathy helped me book out my copywriting services and double my income in my first year of business.

It’s helped my clients get results like:

launching with 7+% conversion rates (in an industry with 1-3% averages)

doubling their revenue goals

hitting 5-figure months with their digital products

Results like these are possible for you too. Here’s how we can work together:

Selling with Empathy Coaching

4-month 1:1 coaching program to help you ditch your fear of being salesy and set a solid foundation to sell your services and grow your business with ease and empathy.

This coaching partnership will help you find confidence when it comes to selling in your business, position your services as the solution your ideal clients need, develop solid messaging + sales copy that connects with and grows your audience so you can sell your services with ease and empathy for the long run.

What’s included:

  • 2 x 50 minute coaching calls/month (8 total)
  • Voxer + email support between calls
  • Copy reviews to help you feel confident in your writing + messaging
  • Customized resources such as copywriting templates, frameworks, and trainings to help you reach your goals

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The Selling with Empathy Method

The Selling with Empathy Method includes 8 key elements that set a solid foundation for your sales and marketing systems so you can attract + convert new clients in a way that works to grow your business and feels good at the same time.
In this coaching package, we can cover the entire Selling with Empathy Framework, or focus on the areas that are most needed in your business.

Know Your Audience

You can’t sell with empathy if you don’t truly know who you’re selling to. Learn how to do market research the right way so that everything you do is centered around your ideal clients.

Position Your Offers

You have a solution to your ideal clients’ problems that they desperately need. But what they want and what they need aren’t always the same. Learn how to position your offers to sell.

Pain Points + Transformations

Dive deeper into what your ideal clients experience day-to-day. Learn how to break down your audience’s struggles and desires into concrete pain points + transformations that sell.

Write Your Sales page

Let’s bring it all together on the sales page: Learn how to combine your offer positioning + your ideal client’s pain points and desired transformations into a sales page that sells.

Craft Your Micro-Stories

Selling with Empathy doesn’t stop or start at the sales page. Learn how to turn your pain points + transformations into stand-alone stories that naturally lead to sales.

Create Pre-Selling Content

The truth is, everything you write is sales copy. Learn how to craft a profitable content strategy that gets your ideal clients ready to buy from you before you even mention your offers.

Grow Your Audience

Once you have the foundational pieces in place, more of your ideal clients need to see them. Learn how to attract the right audience with a visibility strategy that gets more eyes on your business.

Master Your Sales Mindset

Your audience needs what you have to offer, and selling is helping. Learn how to shift your perspective when it comes to selling, so that you can show up and serve more of your ideal clients.

Ready to implement the Selling with Empathy Method in your business?

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Elli’s insight, feedback, and copy have been game-changers in my clients seeing direct profit. The sales copy Elli provided had a huge influence on our audience’s buying decisions. In just under a week, we hit 12k in sales! Elli is a knowledgeable and efficient copy wizard, and I would recommend her services to any business owner or entrepreneur who is looking for a solid and reliable sales + launch copywriter! – Ashley Gadd, Business Strategist + Designer at Your Designer Ash

Before working with Elli, I was feeling a little stuck with a copy for my new product launch. I’m not terrible at writing copy, but sales copy isn’t my strong suit. I loved that Elli was able to help me write copy that led to a successful launch with a focus on empathy ) was able to sell without feeling too pitch! With Elli’s help, I went into my launch feeling so confident and doubled my launch goal! Elli was there to answer questions that would have otherwise left me stuck, and make tweaks to my copy to totally transform my message into something more powerful. – Krista Miller, Owner at Summit in a Box

Elli was a great fit on my team and was very reliable to turn in fantastic work on time. I love that Elli was able to capture many different voices and tones and write copy that got people to take action. My only hesitation about working with Elli was that I copy is something I know I can do myself (and often do for my business and for clients). Yet, by working with Elli, I got more time back for my business, and my clients got great open, click-through, and conversion rates on the copy that Elli wrote. I absolutely recommend Elli’s services to anyone who needs sales copy in their business. – Kate Boyd, Launch Strategist and Creator of Conversion with Compassion, Cobblestone Creative Co.

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