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Here’s what my clients say about working with me + samples of the work we did together:

Elli was a great fit on my team and was very reliable to turn in fantastic work on time. I love that Elli was able to capture many different voices and tones and write copy that got people to take action. My only hesitation about working with Elli was that I copy is something I know I can do myself (and often do for my business and for clients). Yet, by working with Elli, I got more time back for my business, and my clients got great open, click-through, and conversion rates on the copy that Elli wrote. I absolutely recommend Elli’s services to anyone who needs sales copy in their business. – Kate Boyd, Launch Strategist and Creator of Conversion with Compassion, Cobblestone Creative Co.

Check out some of the work Kate and I did together:

Kate Crocco Think Like a Boss Mastermind Sales Page

Run Like Clockwork Webinar Landing Page

Elli’s insight, feedback, and copy have been game-changers in my clients seeing direct profit. The sales copy Elli provided had a huge influence on our audience’s buying decisions. In just under a week, we hit 12k in sales! Elli is a knowledgeable and efficient copy wizard, and I would recommend her services to any business owner or entrepreneur who is looking for a solid and reliable sales + launch copywriter! – Ashley Gadd, Business Strategist + Designer at Your Designer Ash

Check out some of the work Ashley and I did together:

Leah Joan Fitness Program Sales Page

Courtney Hartmann Fitness Program Sales Page

Before working with Elli, I was feeling a little stuck with a copy for my new product launch. I’m not terrible at writing copy, but sales copy isn’t my strong suit. I loved that Elli was able to help me write copy that led to a successful launch, and that I was able to sell without feeling too pitchy! With Elli’s help, I went into my launch feeling so confident and doubled my launch goal! Elli was there to answer questions that would have otherwise left me stuck, and make tweaks to my copy to totally transform my message into something more powerful. – Krista Miller, Owner at Summit in a Box

Check out the sales page I helped Krista write:

The Summit Host Vault Sales Page

Elli is a great copywriter, and she did a great job making updates to my email sequence so it flows better and provides helpful info to my audience. She was able to understand my audience very well, and speak to that audience while matching my brand voice. I was a little hesitant to hire a copywriter because I wasn’t confident that it would actually lead to increased conversions. Another copywriter had even declined to work with me because my conversions were already good, and she didn’t think she could make them better. I’ve been using the updated sequence that Elli wrote for about a month, and I’m already seeing an increase in membership conversions! I would recommend Elli’s services to any business owner who needs help creating an evergreen email sequence and doesn’t know where to start, or needs help putting all the pieces together. – Elle Drouin, Founder, Styled Stock Society

Check out the email sequence I wrote for Elle:

Styled Stock Society Welcome Sequence

It was so easy to work with Elli through Voxer, shared documents, and video walkthroughs. And editing my copy straight from Google Docs was a lifesaver! It was so nice to have direction and a proper structure for my sales copy. I was able to make improvements to my email sequences and web pages with Elli’s help, and I’m getting great open rates on my email sequences! – Franzine Mackley, Brand Designer + Strategist, Breezy Camper

Elli helped me so much with the copy I wrote for my launch. I received compliments that people enjoyed reading my emails and how everything was so well written! I really appreciated Elli’s tips not just with copywriting, but also her support as a fellow female entrepreneur. If you value sharing your message in a way that feels good and gets results, sign up!  –KC Rossi, Holistic Business Mentor, at kcrossi.com

Elli helped me get to a place where I feel comfortable and confident with my copywriting skills. I loved being able to get feedback from Elli directly – not just general tips, but the exact ways that I could write specific sections of my copy better. Elli’s tips and suggestions were so helpful in getting me to think in a different way about how to add emotion and show the value of my offer. If you want guidance and feedback on your copy, this membership is worth joining. Sometimes working with a pro can feel intimidating, but Elli listens to concerns and provides feedback that is helpful and actionable. – Estrella Sansait, Video Editor for Creative Entrepreneurs, La Chispa Studio

It’s clear that Elli is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She delivered a value-packed masterclass for my CAPTIVATE mastermind on sales pages and email launch sequences, and was so thorough in her delivery. She broke down the exact steps of a launch sequence in a way that my audience was able to immediately understand and apply to their online businesses. I highly recommend Elli for her strategic, no-fluff approach to teaching sales copywriting! – Kay Fabella, The Story Finder at kayfabella.com

It was great working with Elli to make updates to my website copy and brand voice. She did a great job matching our tone of voice and updating our copy in a way that speaks to my audience! I have already recommended Elli’s services because she did great work at understanding my business & audience. It was a no brainer to recommend Elli’s copywriting services!  – Kathie Wiehanne, Co-founder of Bluchic.com

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