Let’s just face the facts: creating content for your business takes more time than most of us would like. I bet it’s one of the most time consuming tasks in your business outside of the time you spend fulfilling your client work. In fact, the average online business owner spends AT LEAST 10 hours per week creating content for their blog, social media, and email marketing. So it’s no wonder that the most common complaint I hear about content marketing is that it takes so much time. And I won’t lie, creating quality content that attracts and converts ideal clients does require an investment of your time, but there are ways to cut down the time it takes to create content for your business without sacrificing quality.

#1. Plan your content topics in advance.

There is nothing worse than sitting down to write a blog post or some instagram posts and ask yourself, “What should I talk about?” If you don’t go in with a plan, you can waste so much time staring at a blank screen trying to think about what to write instead of actually getting the content created. When you plan your content topics in advance, you already know exactly what you’re going to talk or write about before you get started, and you can dive right in without having to waste trying to think of content topics. 
A few blog posts ago, I shared the process I use to come up with content topics and plan out my content calendar months in advance, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check that out so you can follow this simple and effective system to plan out your content topics in advance. This way you’ll have them ready to go when you sit down to create content!

#2. Start with a template.

My next tip is to use a template for every type of content you create so that you’re not starting from scratch every time you create a new blog post, email, or podcast episode. There are tons and tons of different templates available for free for every type of content you could think of creating for your business. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect template, because I recommend that you customize any premade template you start with so that it fits your process and you can use it in a way that makes the most sense for you. When you try to fit your content into a general template that wasn’t made for you, it can feel a little disjointed and awkward and could take you even more time! That’s why I recommend that you make tweaks and adjustments to come up with a custom template that fits into the way YOU like to create content and communicate with your audience. It may take some time to customize your templates into something that works for you, but once it’s done, you’ll have an easy starting point every time you create content. No more starting from scratch!

#3. Document Your Content Creation Workflow.

Creating content requires more than just sitting down and writing a blog post or recording a podcast episode. There are many steps involved in going from having an idea for a content topic to actually hitting publish and then promoting your content. That’s why I recommend you document your content creation workflow and follow the same process every single time you create content. Not only will this help you to save time by not having to use up brain space to remember everything that goes into creating your content, but it will also help ensure that you don’t skip steps like scheduling your post to go out on the right day, creating the graphics needed to go with your content, or creating social media posts and emails to promote your content. If you’re not already using a content creation workflow to track the tasks that go into creating, publishing, and promoting your content, I recommend that the next time you sit down to create content, you document your process by writing down every step you take to go from content idea to fully promoted piece of content. Then you’ll have this to use as a checklist for content that you create in the future. This may require a bit more of your time to set up initially, but once you have a documented content creation workflow, it will save you so much time on your future content creation.

#4. Batch Similar Tasks.

My final tip to help you speed up your content creation time is to batch similar tasks in your content creation workflow, so you’re not constantly switching between unrelated tasks. This wastes SO much time, and can make content creation take up way more time than necessary. Once you’ve documented your content creation workflow, look back at your process and see how you can group together similar tasks in order to avoid context switching, and get into the zone with each group of tasks. For example, rather than doing all the tasks related to completing a blog post first, then all the tasks related to creating social media content to promote that post second, then all the tasks related to creating email content third, etc. Group together the similar tasks for each of those different content pieces so that you’re not jumping between unrelated tasks. For example, start by doing all the writing tasks together so that you go straight from writing a blog post to writing the social media and email content related to that blog post while it’s fresh in your mind. This will make it both faster and easier. From there, you can go about creating all the graphics needed or finding the photos needed for each of your different content pieces, and then scheduling those content pieces all at the same time. When you stay focused on the same or similar tasks for a longer period of time, you can avoid jumping around and losing concentration between each task.

If you implement even ONE of these time-saving tips into your content creation process, it can seriously reduce the amount of time you spend creating content without sacrificing on the quality. So I’d love to hear from you: leave a comment below and let me know which of these 4 tips you’re most excited to implement in your business? 

If you want to learn more tips that will not only help you get faster at creating content, but also make sure you’re creating effective content that works to bring you clients and sales, watch my free masterclass: How to Create Content with Purpose to Attract and Convert Ideal Clients. It’s totally free and you can find it linked on this page and it’s going to walk you through my step-by-step system for building a content strategy that gets people to take action and become clients and customers.

This masterclass will walk you through my step-by-step system for building a content strategy that gets people to take action and become clients and customers.

Watch the FREE masterclass, How to Create Content with Purpose to Attract and Convert Ideal Clients

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