I keep hearing from so many business owners who are unsure of how to approach selling during this time. In the early days of this crisis, many people were asking, “Is it ok to keep selling?” and I think the answer from our industry has been a resounding YES.

Those of us that can keep operating, have no reason not to keep operating, those of that have had to shut their doors, can still find innovative ways to continue selling and serving their clients.

But now the question is HOW do we go about selling during this time? Do we need to adjust the way we talk about our products and services? Does our messaging need to change? In this video, I’m breaking down exactly how you can shift your messaging to continue selling in a way that meets your ideal clients where they are right now.

This video will give you concrete, actionable steps to take to adjust your messaging no matter how your business has been impacted – from those who are in higher demand than ever, to those that have had to shut their doors, to the vast majority of us somewhere in between.

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