• Want your content to get better engagement? Make this ONE easy change.

    As an online business owner, I bet you spend a lot of time creating content for your business. (Or maybe it’s more like this: doing any possible task to avoid creating content, asking yourself what on earth to post, and feeling guilty because you should be creating more content but just can’t seem to find […]

  • The #1 Thing Holding You Back from Consistent Clients

    Who doesn’t want more clients, right? That’s the number 1 thing my clients and community tell me they want in their businesses. More clients, more income, consistent revenue, increased sales. Is that what you’re looking for too? The main thing we all want in our businesses is more clients and sales, right? Well, getting them […]

  • Top 5 books EVERY female entrepreneur should read.

    Summer is one of my favorite seasons in business. Everything seems to slow down a little in the summer months. It would be easy to complain about lower revenue or fewer inquiries as everyone heads out on their summer vacations, but I like to look on the bright side.  Summer is the time for dreaming […]

  • Copywriting templates will only get you so far.

    Last week I shared my thoughts on the importance of getting uber specific in your copy in order to draw in the right people, build a connection, and compel them to buy or work with you.  This week I want to share some tips on finding that specificity and using it in your copy. I […]

  • Why Specific ALWAYS Beats Vague When it Comes to Your Sales Copy

    I’ve been reading a whole lotta sales copy over the last few weeks. I keep seeing a common trend that could be the reason your sales page isn’t getting traction and leading to sales like you’d hoped:  Generalizations and vague descriptions. The more sales pages I read, from working on client sales copy, to reviewing […]

  • How to Write a Killer Email Sequence for Your Next Launch

    If you’ve been in the online business space long, you’ve undoubtedly been given the advice that you need to grow your email list. While I do agree with this, I think there’s way too much emphasis on getting subscribers onto your list. There’s not a lot of talk on what to DO with that list […]