We are right in the middle of the holiday season, and I hope that you are taking some time off to enjoy it with your friends and family. I know that I am, and my goal is to not touch my computer for the next 2 weeks. #spoileralert: as you’re reading this, I am most likely curled up next to the fire with a cup of tea enjoying the holidays. So how am I able to take time off and still stay consistent with my content? The answer is batching. 

Before you start rolling your eyes, this isn’t a post about how easy batching is or making you feel bad because you’re not staying consistent with content over the holidays. Taking time off and enjoying the holidays with your family is way more important than staying consistent with your content, but if you’d like to do both, batching is the key. So if batching your content is something you’d like to start doing, but the idea of creating a ton of content all at once feels overwhelming, keep reading (or watch the video), because I’m sharing my tips for taking baby steps toward batching your content in advance.  

I’ll be honest: batching my content is something that I had to work up to. I didn’t start out batching a months worth of content at a time. It even took a while to work up to creating content on a consistent basis in the first place, much less creating it in advance.

So if that sounds like you, and you feel like batching your content would be beneficial for your business, but it feels so far away right now, I’m going to share 5 things that you can do to work toward that goal of batching your content in advance:

1. Commit to a Content Schedule

The first thing I recommend you do is commit to putting out content on a consistent basis. I recommend that you work up to putting out 1 piece of core content every week, (which can be a blog post in written, video, or podcast format, it doesn’t matter which you choose). If you’re not putting out content consistently at all right now, and the idea of creating a new blog post every week feels like a lot, the first thing I want you to do is commit to a content schedule that you CAN stick to. If all you can do is one piece of content a month for now, great, if you can do twice a month, great. The first step is to make a commitment to yourself about how often you are going to put out a new piece of content, and then stick to it. From there, you can work up to putting out a new piece of content every week over time.

2. Plan Your Content in Advance

Once you’ve gotten into the habit of putting out content on a consistent basis, I recommend that you start planning your content in advance. You don’t need to start creating it in advance just yet, but the first step is to know what you’re going to be talking about in your content in advance. This way, even if you’re still writing a blog post on the week it goes live, (or even on the DAY it goes live), at least you are removing the question of “What should I write about today” because you’ve planned that out in advance. 

3. Create a Week’s Worth of Content at a Time

The next step in working toward batching your content is to batch one week at a time. What I mean by that is: rather than just focusing on your one blog post that you’re putting out each week, start thinking about your content in terms of weekly themes, where your blog, email, and social media content all tie into the same theme. I recommend that you start batching your blog post, email, and social media content for the week all at the same time so that you can get all of your content for the week created at once while also repurposing your blog post in order to share it in multiple places. At this stage, you won’t necessarily be getting out in front of your content calendar. You could even be creating all this content on the Monday that your blog post goes live, and that’s still a start. But by creating a week’s worth of content for all platforms at one time, this will help you to start the habit of batching your content

4. Get One Week Ahead of Your Content

Once you’ve gotten into the habit of creating multiple pieces of content at once, the next step is to start slowly getting ahead of your content calendar. In the beginning, you can aim to have all the content that will be going out next week (blog, email, and social media) scheduled and ready to go by Friday of the previous week. So this way, you’re staying at least a week ahead of your content calendar, and are no longer waiting until the last minute. 

5. Increase Over Time

Your final step is to start increasing that lead time over time. Once you’re able to stay one week ahead of your content calendar, try to create 2 weeks of content in one week. That way you’re two weeks ahead of your content calendar. Once that starts to feel doable, try doing 3 weeks of content at a time and getting 3 weeks ahead of your content calendar. Then try moving up to 4 weeks of content at a time.  My recommendation is that you work up to batching a month’s worth of content at a time. This is what I do in my business, and it typically takes me about 3-4 days to create a months worth of video, blog, email, and social content for my business. When you work up to batching a month’s worth of content, you will probably need to dedicate the better part of a week to content creation. But then you don’t have to think about it for 4 weeks! And once you get into a schedule with this, you can extend batching into other areas of your business and start to see the ripple effect in the amount of time it frees up for you. Remember, this is something to work up to overtime, you don’t need to jump right into batching your content head first. 

Now, it’s the holidays, get off the internet and go spend some time with your loved ones! And if you’d like to stay connected in the new year and get more tips from me on how to efficiently create content that consistently leads to sales and clients in your business, subscribe to my email list so you can stay in the loop, and I’ll also send you my free Selling with Empathy Roadmap. 

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