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Sales + Launch Copywriting Services:

Sales Page Copy

There are 3 major signs that your sales page copy needs some lovin’:

  1. You’re getting too many inquiries from potential clients who aren’t a great fit (and nowhere near enough from the clients you really want to work with.)
  2. You’re discovery calls end up looking more like a Q&A session on repeat as you field the same questions from potential clients who don’t quite understand your offer.
  3. You’re seeing traffic to your sales page, but too many of your people are bouncing without taking the final step and making the purchase.

If any of these sounds familiar, you’ve got a sales page problem.

My Sales Page Copy package is perfect for selling an evergreen offer or your signature product, service or course. Maybe your offer has evolved over time, but the sales pages hasn’t evolved with it. Or Maybe you quickly DIY-ed a sales page for a beta launch, and you’re still using that same ol’ sales page today.

I can help you get your sales page up to speed so your ideal clients can clearly see the value they’re getting as they do a happy dance while clicking on your call to action.

What’s included:

  • 60-minute strategy session to nail the messaging for your sales page.
  • High-converting copy for your long-form sales page.
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions (but we rarely need both).

Starting at $3,000

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Elli wrote copy for my mastermind sales page that was bang on in communicating what I was struggling to communicate myself. Before working with Elli, I was unsure of my message and how to bring clarity to my potential mastermind participants. I was having trouble positioning myself and this mastermind offer. The work we did together not only helped with the messaging on my sales page, but with positioning my entire launch! This experience made me realize that working with a copywriter is not just about writing one page of copy but perfecting communication overall. If you’re on the fence about working with Elli, I say go for it! The clarity I found from working with Elli was amazing. – Sara J. Loureiro, Certified Business Coach and Practical Woo Strategist 

Email Funnel Copy

You have a solid offer and a solid opt in, but your new leads are getting lost between point A and point B.

(Don’t worry if you’re not feeling great about the opt in yet, we can work on that too).

Enter: the email funnel – the value-packed and trust-building yellow brick road that will lead your ideal clients straight to Oz (AKA your offer). Your new lead has already let you know they’re interested in what you have to offer by opting in to your list. Now it’s time to seal the deal with with a strategic and professional email funnel.

My Email Funnel Copy package is perfect for building a new funnel from scratch, or updating your current funnel that you pieced together over time and isn’t converting the way you want it to. We’ll strategically lay out the steps in your funnel, so you can build a connection with your brand-new lead over just the right amount of time.

You’ll get an email funnel that clearly shows your ideal clients why they need your offer and why YOU are the person that can help them.

What’s included:

  • Audit of your current email sequence to diagnose what is and isn’t working.
  • 60-minute strategy session to plan out your new funnel.
  • Copy for up to 8 emails in your value-packed and conversion-focused funnel.
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions (but we rarely need both).
Optional Add-Ons for Your Irresistible Opt In:
  • Opt in Landing Page + Thank You Page copy.
  • Additional strategy time to plan out your Irresistible Opt In.

Starting at $3,000

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Elli is a great copywriter, and she did a great job making updates to my email sequence so it flows better and provides helpful info to my audience. She was able to understand my audience very well, and speak to that audience while matching my brand voice. I’ve been using the updated email sequence that Elli wrote for about a month, and I’m already seeing an increase in membership conversions! I would recommend Elli’s services to any business owner who needs help creating an evergreen email sequence and doesn’t know where to start, or needs help putting all the pieces together. – Elle Drouin, Founder, Styled Stock Society

Complete Launch Copy

If you’ve been through a launch cycle before, you know that a whole lotta copy goes into making it a success.

There’s the launch trigger, the sales sage, the ads, and all the emails in between. Not to mention all the the social media captions, opt in, and thank you pages.

Writing your launch copy can be tricky. It’s a lot harder than writing your everyday content because you’re so used to coming to your audience with free, valuable info. But now it’s to make an ask, and getting your audience to open up their wallets and invest in your offer a totally different ball game. But with a little help, you’re on your way to the right copy, message, and strategy to make your launch a raging success.

My launch copy package takes the stress out of launching. It helps you get the profitable results you crave and gives you the space you need to rest easy knowing the copy for your entire launch funnel is taken care of for you.

You’ll get carefully planned out sales copy for each and every stage leading up to and during your launch. So when the time comes, your audience is excited and can’t wait to buy from you.

What’s included:

  • 90 min strategy session to plan out the copy for each stage of your launch.
  • Landing page for your launch trigger (webinar, challenge, etc.)
  • Copy for up to 20 connection-building and conversion-focused emails.
  • Copy for your high-converting sales page.
  • Up to 5 hours of additional copywriting support customized to your needs (ad copy, additional emails, webinar/video scripts, etc.)
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions for each piece of copy (but we rarely need both).

Starting at $7,500

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Working with Elli opened my eyes to how insanely powerful good copy can be. I am so confident in my offer thanks to the work we did together! I got so much good strategy out of our work together, and my launch sequence wouldn’t be nearly as robust without working with Elli to map it out. I am so grateful for Elli’s dedication to helping me get results! – Krista Miller, Summit in a Box

Elli was a great fit on my team and was very reliable to turn in fantastic work on time. I love that Elli was able to capture many different voices and tones and write copy that got people to take action. My only hesitation about working with Elli was that I copy is something I know I can do myself (and often do for my business and for clients). Yet, by working with Elli, I got more time back for my business, and my clients got great open, click-through, and conversion rates on the copy that Elli wrote. I absolutely recommend Elli’s services to anyone who needs sales copy in their business. – Kate Boyd, Launch Strategist, Cobblestone Creative Co.

Elli’s insight, feedback, and copy have been game-changers in my clients seeing direct profit. The sales copy Elli provided had a huge influence on our audience’s buying decisions. In just under a week, we hit 12k in sales! Elli is a knowledgeable and efficient copy wizard, and I would recommend her services to any business owner or entrepreneur who is looking for a solid and reliable sales + launch copywriter! – Ashley Gadd, Business Strategist + Designer