Have you been posting to social media week after week, but it feels like no one’s paying attention and you just can’t figure out what to do to start getting results from your content?  

In this post I’ll be sharing my top tips to help you get better engagement from your content. 

As online business owners, content creation can feel like a full time job. In fact, it is a full time job. Big businesses have full time people who create content as their ONLY focus. As small business owners, we are juggling content with a million other things, and for most of us, content creation is one of the #1 tasks that takes up the most time.

Since you’re spending all this time on content, you want to make sure that it’s worth it, right? Yet I see so many business owners spending hours creating content that doesn’t lead to any engagement. I’ve got some tips to help you get better engagement and see better results from the content you’re already creating:

Tip #1: The best way to get engagement is to ask for it. 

It’s important to give people a reason to engage with you and get involved with your content. The best way to do that is by asking questions or telling your followers to let you know what they think in the comments of your posts. Ask people to drop an emoji if they agree with you or do something to get involved in what you’re talking about.

It’s easy to scroll through social media a bit mindlessly, without being super intentional or paying much attention. So as your audience is scrolling through their feed, they’re probably not going to stop and get involved in your posts unless you give them a reason to. It’s just not going to cross their mind. One of the best ways to get engagement is to ask your audience to respond to a question in the comments, send you a DM, or take any kind of action to get your people to engage with you.

Tip #2: Engage WITH your audience.

Don’t just ask your audience to engage with you, but when someone replies to your post or sends you a message, make sure you REPLY to them. Make your people feel like you are paying attention and you care when they show up and engage with you. You can’t  just ask for engagement without showing up yourself. Be sure you’re engaging with your people and showing that you want to be in community with them. When you are continuously showing up for your people, it’s going to encourage them to continue to show up for you and continue to engage in the content that you are creating.

Even if you’re not getting a lot of engagement right now, you can still engage with your ideal clients by going out and engaging on their posts. Get involved with people who fit your ideal client profile by commenting on their posts or responding to their content. When you start by giving engagement first, you’ll see so much more engagement back in return. 

Tip #3: Create content that people want to engage with. 

This comes down to knowing your audience, paying attention to what they want from you, and then creating content that they find engaging. At the end of the day, if people aren’t interested in what you’re talking about, they’re not going to pay attention. The more you can really get to know your audience and understand what they want from you, the better results you’re going to get.

If you’re not sure what type of content your audience wants from you, you can start by following tip #2 and engaging with your people and having real conversations to get to know them better. This will help you fine tune your messaging and create content that people actually want to engage with because it’s created with them in mind. You will naturally and organically get more engagement the more you do this.

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