If you’ve been in the online business space long, you’ve undoubtedly been given the advice that you need to grow your email list. While I do agree with this, I think there’s way too much emphasis on getting subscribers onto your list. There’s not a lot of talk on what to DO with that list once you’ve built it. I would even argue that the quality of content you send to your list is MUCH more important than the number of subscribers on your list.

So you’ve been growing your email list in hopes to build an audience to launch a new offer to, but now what? Do you know what kind of emails to send or how to plan out your launch email sequence to get the results you want?

When done right, your launch sequence can help you sell your new offer in a way that feels good, builds connection, and gets your audience so excited to buy from you that they don’t feel at all like they’re being sold to.

Here are some tips for creating a launch sequence that builds connections and leads to sales:

Lead with value, but don’t leave out the offer.

I see business owners fall into 1 of 2 traps when it comes to selling to their email list:

1. They focus purely on the sale without building relationships or adding value and it feels too pushy.

Or 2. (this one is much more common) They focus all their energy into helping, adding value, and giving away free content. But then fail to make it clear that they have an offer for their audience to buy.

The key is finding the happy middle ground. Lead with value, share useful information with your audience AND ask for the sale. Tell them about your offer and how they can get even more value from you by making a purchase.

Tell stories.

We all love a good story. Stories compel us to act in ways that cold hard facts never can on their own. Incorporating stories into your launch email sequence is the fastest way to build a connection with your audience. For example, YOUR story is a great place to start. Share what led you to where you are in business. What made you decide to create the offer your selling. What makes you love working with your clients in a particular way. Another great way to incorporate storytelling into your launch sequence is through testimonials and client results. Don’t just share the result, but tell the full story of where the client started and how things turned around for them after working with you.

I’ve got a checklist and launch sequence writing guide waiting for you to help you write your next launch email sequence.

Download the free guide:

Launch Sequence Writing Guide: the 7 types of emails to include in your launch sequence

Launch Sequence Writing Guide: the 7 types of emails to include in your launch sequence

This guide will walk you through the emails to include in your launch sequence and help you write emails that build a connection with your audience throughout your launch period. So your perfect-fit clients will feel connected to you and excited to get more value from you by purchasing your offer.

Download the free guide: The 7 types of emails to include in your launch sequence

Do you need help writing your next launch email sequence? I would love to help you! Schedule a time for us to chat about your launch copy right over here.