We’ve just entered into a new decade, and there is no denying that our online industry is changing. If you want to keep up, you’ve got to make sure that your marketing strategy is changing with the times. As a content strategist, I believe that content marketing is going to play an even bigger and more important role than ever this year, but effective content marketing is going to look very different from what we’ve seen over the last few years. In this post I’ll be breaking down exactly what you need to know, so you don’t get left behind. 

If you’ve been creating what feels like content for content’s sake without seeing any real results from it, first off, let me reassure you that I see you, and you’re not alone in this. From the dozens of clients and students that I’ve worked with on their content marketing strategies, I can promise you that there are plenty of other business owners out there who are frustrated with the lack of results from their content marketing efforts.

Content marketing is evolving.

The reason so many online business owners have struggled to see results from their content marketing is not because content marketing is dead or no longer effective, it’s that content marketing is evolving. Gone are the days when you could throw together a quick blog post and get a client from it. (Or let’s be real, even get someone to opt in to your email list at this point, much less open up there wallets and buy from you.)

We are in an era when there is no shortage of content to be consumed. The simple fact that you are diligently creating content and putting out a new blog post, or video, or podcast episode every week is no longer going to cut it. In order to cut through the noise and really make an impact, your content marketing strategy has got to evolve with the times. Before I share my tips on what you should be focusing on in your content marketing strategy in order to see improved results, let’s talk about why this change is happening in the first place. 

Content marketing is evolving because the MARKET is evolving.

To break it down really simply, marketing is evolving because the MARKET is evolving. Our industry, as online entrepreneurs, is becoming more normalized. It’s becoming easier for more and more people to enter into this industry every day, and more and more people are becoming aware that this industry even exists. That means more and more people are open to the idea of working with an online business, or online personal brand like yours. 

And at the end of the day, all of this is a good thing, because it means that our industry is not just a blip on the timeline but it’s here to stay. As more people become aware of and open to spending money within our industry, that also means that the consumers are also becoming more savvy to the marketing tactics that have become the norm in our industry. So in order to stay relevant you’ve gotta start getting more savvy with your content marketing strategy as well. 

It’s all about connection.

As we move into this new wave of content marketing 2.0 (which is really already here), your audience is not starved for content, and you know that. What they are starved for is connection. They want to feel seen, they want to feel heard, and they want to relate to you on a human to human level. I try to stay away from words like authenticity and vulnerability that have sort of become empty buzz words. But what your ideal clients want to see is true vulnerability, openness to talk about the struggles they’re experiencing, and the HUMAN side of what real life looks like, not just a picture perfect instagram feed. They want to see meaningful content and have meaningful conversations that leave them feeling confident and empowered. Your audience is craving real connection, and are looking to engage with you, and feel like they are a part of something bigger by following you and consuming your content. 

At the end of the day, content marketing is not going away, and I don’t think it ever will. Content will always be a major part of running a successful online business. In fact, when you think about it, one of our primary jobs as online business owners is to be a content creator. So in order to stay ahead of the curve, and continue to be relevant as our online industry evolves, it’s going to become even more important to use real, valuable, authentic, content as a way to connect with your audience on a meaningful level that will lead to the results you want in your business.  

I go into way more detail about how you can implement this new way of doing content marketing in my program, Content to Conversion, that will be opening up in February.  Content to Conversion is my live course + group coaching program that teaches my complete content marketing system to help you master your message, build a solid sales system and create a content strategy that converts. If you’re interested, check out the program and get on the waitlist to be the first to know when Content to Conversion opens for enrollment in February 2020!

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