Attention service-based business owners! As you probably know, referrals from your previous clients and business contacts are an incredibly effective way to get new clients and grow your business. And there are MANY ways that you can build up your referral network and increase the number of referrals being sent your way. One thing you may not have thought about is the role that your content plays in getting clients through referrals. Content marketing can be incredibly effective for getting a referral in the first place as well nurturing the potential clients that are referred your way. 

Before we dive into how content can help you get more referrals, I want you to think back to a time when YOU asked a friend or contact for a recommendation before making a purchase. (A business investment like hiring a virtual assistant or investing in a course, what type of car or couch you should buy, or what book you should read next!) 

After getting a recommendation from a friend, what’s the next thing you usually do? Do you go straight to the checkout page and make a purchase based solely on your friend’s recommendation? Or do you spend a little more time reading up on the product or service yourself before making a final decision? 

I bet you probably wanted to do at least a little bit of your own research before you were ready to buy. And the same is true when someone refers a potential client to your business. 

Referrals can get potential clients in the door, your content is what gets them to stay.

When a client or contact sends someone your way, that potential client is now aware of you and your services, (and the fact that it’s coming on a recommendation from someone they trust means you have less convincing to do). But it’s still your job to seal the deal. Your content can help these new potential clients get a better idea of who you are, how you can help them, and make them feel more confident reaching out to you because they were able to get to know you through your content beforehand. 

Stay top-of-mind for your referrers.

Another way content marketing plays a role in helping you get more referrals is by keeping you and your business top-of-mind for the previous clients and contacts who could refer you. These people who could send referrals your way will most likely be following you and your business online in some capacity. They’re probably either following you on social media or subscribed to your email list, or maybe even both! When you put out content regularly on the platforms where your potential referrers are spending time, that will keep you on their radar and make it much more likely that your name will come to mind for your contacts when they’re asked for recommendations in your area of expertise.

More content = more opportunities to refer.

The final way that content marketing can help you to get more referrals is that it creates more opportunities for people to send potential clients your way. When you’re regularly creating valuable content, it makes it so much easier and more likely for your previous clients and contacts to send potential clients your way. People don’t generally start asking for specific recommendations about who to hire until they’ve made up their mind about investing in the first place. If you’re not creating content regularly, that means your potential referrers are limited to referring people when their friends or contacts have already made the decision that they’re ready to invest. 

Creating consistent, valuable content means potential clients can be referred to your CONTENT much earlier than they might be referred to your services. They could simply mention in passing that they’re sort of interested in the area where you can help them, and since you’re staying top-of-mind for your referrers, it’s a no brainer to refer people to your content to learn more. 

When you’re creating content regularly, there are more opportunities for people to send potential clients your way, even if they’re not quite ready to buy yet. And by getting people into your circle earlier in the process, you get to be much more involved in nurturing that potential client toward the decision to work with you.

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