I’m sure you’ve heard before that you need to choose a niche for your business. But at the same time, you don’t want to exclude people and miss out on opportunities or clients because you were too specific in your niche, right?

Today I want to share with you why I believe that choosing a niche is so important, and how you can do it in a way that leads to more profits WITHOUT burning any bridges or missing out on any opportunities and the process. 

And If you’re feeling stuck on what type of niche you would even choose in the first place, be sure to read (or watch) all the way to the end because I’m also sharing WHEN it makes sense to choose a niche. (This may go against the advice you’ve heard about niching in the past!)

In the early days of your business, hearing that you need to choose a niche is beyond frustrating. You’re just starting out, and choosing a niche can be intimidating. It may even seem counterintuitive if you think about it as excluding people who could be potential clients. As frustrating and confusing as it may be, I still believe that choosing a niche for your business is absolutely essential for your business success. Here’s why:  

Position yourself as an expert

By choosing a niche, you are getting extremely clear on either who you serve through your business or how you help your clients get specific results that they want. This will help you to become known for something specific. This means that when someone is looking for help in a specific area or has a specific problem that you are able to help them with, you will be the no brainer choice. You’ll also be the first to come to mind when your area of expertise comes up.

Once you choose your niche and get clear and specific on who you help and how you help them, that will have a knock on effect and impact so many other areas of your business. 

Charge higher rates

Choosing a niche can help you to charge higher rates. As an example, let’s think about the difference in the salaries of a general doctor compared with a cardiac specialist. The cardiac specialist will be able to charge a lot more money for their services because they are an expert at solving a very specific problem. 

If you have a heart condition, not only are you going to feel much more confident going to a cardiac specialist than a general doctor to help you with your condition, but you’ll also be willing to pay more for their services because you know that they are an expert in helping you solve your specific problem. 

More efficiency = more client availability

Another benefit of choosing a niche for your business is that it helps you to work more efficiently, which means you can actually take on more clients than you could before.

Many people worry that by choosing a niche that means they’re excluding people who don’t fit into that niche and they’ll end up having less clients because of it. But in reality, as a generalist, you help people with multiple different things across multiple areas of expertise,  That means the type of work you do in your business from day to day is really going to vary and you’ll be spending a lot of time jumping from one task to the next. It will be difficult to create systems and processes around your work because it varies so much from project to project. But when you choose just a few specific ways that people can work with you, you’ll become even more of an expert in those particular areas AND you’ll also be able to work more efficiently because you’re performing the same tasks for your clients over and over again. That means not only will you be able to charge more for your services, but have space to work with more clients as well. 

Marketing made easy

Choosing a niche can also make marketing your business a whole lot easier. As a generalist, the range of topics that you could talk about in your content is so broad that it can really start to feel overwhelming. The topics that you can cover in your marketing as a generalist can seem endless, which means it’s going to be really difficult to narrow that down into specific content topics that highlight the value of working with you. You may have heard the idea that constraints can help you become more creative because you’re focusing your creativity into one specific area rather than having infinite possibilities. The exact same concept is true in creating marketing materials around your specific niche. It helps you narrow down what you talk about within your content, which means creating content for your business is going to get a whole lot easier. 

When to choose a niche

I want to wrap up this post, by talking about WHEN you should choose a niche. Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, I don’t actually believe that you need to choose a niche right away in your business. This is especially true if you’re just starting out in an area that you don’t consider yourself an expert yet. Sometimes it’s necessary to take on different projects in many different areas in the beginning. This helps you to develop your skills and learn what type of work you enjoy doing, how you enjoy working with clients and where you’re able to help people the most. 

This is exactly what I did in my business. In fact, before I even started my business, I spent over a year working on various freelance marketing projects that were very broad and definitely were not “niched down.” Then, when I started my business, I narrowed down my services to focus only on copywriting within the world of online marketing.

Finally, after about four months into my business, after working on various copywriting projects for clients, I narrowed down my niche even further to specifically helping clients with sales and launch copywriting. And when I got specific in my niche, that’s when I started to really see my sales take off. Choosing my niche led to me being able to book out my copywriting business and double my income within my first year of business

But in order to get there, I needed to go through the process of working on various projects to gain experience and figure out what type of work I really enjoy and was able to help my clients with the most. So if you’re brand new to business and haven’t worked with many clients yet, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to choose your niche right away. 

I recommend that you continue taking on projects to learn what you love and how you can best help your clients, AND commit to constantly evaluating what you do and don’t enjoy about your project so you can find your niche over time. 

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