So, you have a brand-new product ready to launch! Every last detail has been polished and refined and you couldn’t be more excited. As your excitement builds, however, so does your anxiety, as you feel yourself in the rush to finalize your launch plan, write your sales page, create your webinar slides and schedule your launch emails. In the whirlwind of everything that leads up to launch day, you realize you’ve overlooked one major thing… you just realized that you don’t have ANY testimonials for this brand-new offer, since no one has had access to it yet. So what should you do? 

Well, you could skip including testimonials altogether, but I would NOT recommend neglecting the power of positive reviews! There is a TON of evidence supporting the importance of testimonials for conversions. 

Some of the reasons I have previously discussed for including testimonials in sales copy are:

  • They help potential clients see a picture of the results that are possible for them. 
  • They provide social proof that others have gone before them and gotten the results they want for themselves.
  • They’re one of the fastest and most effective ways to build credibility with your potential customers.

Social proof is your most powerful selling point and testimonials play a HUGE part in building this credibility. Leaving testimonials out is simply NOT an option. But if you’re selling a new offer and you don’t have any testimonials, what are you supposed to do? You will have to get creative and find a way to pull reviews for your brand-new offer “out of thin air”! But don’t worry, we’re going to do this in a totally ethical way! Let’s look at some of the tactics I use when I need testimonials for a brand-new offer. 

Repurposing testimonials from different offers that create similar results.

Even if you’ve never sold this particular offer before, you’ve likely used your expertise in the past, to bring REAL results to your clients. And you can easily repurpose testimonials from these clients that highlight the VALUE you provided them for your new offer! Even though they may not be testimonials exactly specific to your current offer, you can still use them to reinforce the legitimacy of your expertise and the value that you provide. 

For example, say you have worked one-on-one with clients in the past, to get specific results for them, and you have now turned that process into a digital product that delivers the same results, but takes you out of the equation. Feel free to grab the past reviews from those clients, who you worked with one-on-one, who saw those awesome results, and repurpose them for your new offer. 

These types of testimonials are really the MOST powerful tool to use when supplying proof of your value. They help your potential clients see that your new offer will deliver REAL, tangible results based on the experiences of your past clients. This applies to every area of expertise, not just copy. The real RESULTS you have produced in the past, speak volumes about the legitimacy of your brand.

Using generic testimonials from semi-related offers.

Say one of your past clients left you a raving review about one of your products or services. They did not specifically name the offer, but simply made a general statement of appreciation about it. This review could be perfect to use on your sales page for your new offer!

For example, if the review went something like, “I could not be happier with this product!”, you could use this review as a testimonial for your new offer. This is ethical because the review is of one of YOUR products and a reflection of YOUR brand. You are using it to reinforce that your products offer real value. This provides social proof to new clients who may be skeptical. 

You can also omit words when needed, in the instance that a testimonial is too specific, like naming a past course or product by name. Be sure you do not add any words to your clients’ reviews though, as that would be unethical!

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Incorporating comments from market research participants.

Another great source to garner positive reviews from, is from anyone to whom you have provided value via market research. I ALWAYS recommend getting on market research calls with ideal clients when creating and launching a new offer. Not only will this give you invaluable feedback for your marketing and messaging, but it’s also an opportunity to spark positive conversations that can turn into testimonials. Here’s my process.

During my market research calls, I ask questions like:

  • What questions do you have about “____”?
  • What problems have you run into, in the past with “____”?

Fill in the blanks with topics related to your offer, or even your offer topic itself. 

This gives you an opportunity to answer these questions and do a little teaching, which will most-likely produce positive micro-comments, like “wow, that’s so helpful!” or “That totally makes sense, I’ve never thought about it that way” The next step is to follow up. I ask if they received value from what I shared, and if they would be willing to state that in a short testimonial. 

Don’t overcomplicate this. It can be as simple as sending an email, saying something like, “Hey, it seemed like you received some value from our call. Would it be alright with you if I include your comment on my sales page?” To simplify the process for them, you can capture their response in quoted form, then offer your summation back to them, when you ask permission to use it. 

Asking contacts and business friends for testimonials.

Say you have recently switched niches or pivoted your services. You probably won’t have testimonials for your new offers yet. If you are somewhat established, however, I bet you have friends or contacts who can vouch for your credibility and general value. 

Simply reach out to your biz besties or others who are familiar with your work and ask for a positive brand review or a character reference-type testimonial. This can be as simple as someone saying, “Every time I have worked with Elli, I have received immense value!” This kind of testimonial can totally work for a new offer. The key to getting testimonials like this is to know who and how to ask. I would definitely recommend you use tact and reaching out to people you have a positive relationship with, but also don’t be afraid to just ASK!

And just like that, we have done some testimonial magic!

All in all, it does take a little creative work to get or re-purpose testimonials for new offers but it is always worth it! Your sales copy goes from being just alright to AWESOME when it is backed by social proof. If you are a little more established, this process will probably be easier for you, but even if you are just starting out you can still implement this process to get your very first testimonials! And remember, you can continue to add more testimonials to your sales pages and marketing material as you get them!  

Don’t forget to pick up my guide for getting raving testimonials from your clients as well, to get started. Just enter your info below and it will be sent to your inbox!

I hope that this post has provided you with clear and actionable guidance on your options for using testimonials in your sales copy, specifically when you are selling a new offer that doesn’t have testimonials yet. Let me know in the comments which of these tips you liked best or which ones helped you most! 

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