One of my important steps in wrapping up the year and planning for the next is to look at my data. Intuition, journaling on the past year and feeling into what I want the new year to look like are a big part of my process as well. As an INFJ, I love to reflect and look internally as I plan the new year, but in order to make sure I’m on track for my revenue goals, stay relevant, and create content that you actually want to consume, I’ve got to look at the numbers, as unexciting as they are to an intuitive feeler (NF) like me.

So as I’m planning my content calendar for the next year, I’m also looking back on my data for 2019 to find out which of my content pieces were most popular, which you enjoyed the most, and what you want to see more of. 

So in this final post for 2019, I want to share these popular posts with you! Whether you missed them the first time around, or want to revisit some of my tips on copywriting, sales mindset, and business building again, here are my most read blog posts from 2019:

1. How I Booked Out My Business and Doubled My Income in One Year (and how you can too!)

The title for this one speaks for itself. In this post, I share my journey from barely getting by as I juggled multiple freelance gigs to earn a full time income in my business, and the 5 major steps that contributed to my success. Read it here. 

2. Want your content to get better engagement? Make this ONE easy change.

If you feel like you’re putting out content week after week and no one is paying attention, this post shares a seemingly obvious, but so often overlooked change that will help you get better engagement. Read it here. 

3. The #1 Thing Holding You Back from Consistent Clients

We’d all like to have more clients knocking on our virtual doors, but most entrepreneurs, especially creative female entrepreneurs (I’m looking at you!) do everything they can to avoid the #1 thing that will actually lead to more clients. Read it here.

4. Sales Page Copy Essentials for a High-Converting Sales Page

In this post I’m sharing the top 5 essentials that you’ll want to include on every sales page if you want it to convert (of course you do!). These 5 essentials are not just important for your sales page, but they’re the starting point for crafting your messaging around your entire offer. Read it here.

5. Top 5 books EVERY female entrepreneur should read.

Looking for some new books to add to your 2020 reading list? In this post I’m sharing my 5 favorite books that have had the biggest impact on my business. A few are specifically business or messaging related, but most are about business MINDSET which is the real key to business success. Read it here. 

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